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16 gauge: features, shells and ballistic performance

If you take a close look at a 16 gauge shell, you’ll see a shotgun shell that looks just perfect for hunting; it’s slender but you wouldn’t call it small. Quite the contrary, the “business-like” size gives you peace of mind; it’s a shell that’ll give you all the performance

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How Does B&P Gordon Shell Casing Absorb Recoil?

The Baschieri & Pellagri Gordon Case since its introduction has been appreciated and loved by shooters, and hunters too, all over the world. Gordon shells are easy to spot because of their unique shock-absorbing base wad and they allows shooters to decrease felt recoil, both in hunting and shooting sports.

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Which B&P shells are best to use for Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays is a thrilling sport because you’re taking shots at clays launched in a vast range of different patterns, some of which you might be expecting while others appear out of nowhere. This means that in order to become a good Sporting Clays shooter you have to get to

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