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Since the very introduction at the beginning of the 1990s, Gordon Case has been appreciated by shooters around the world. Thanks to patented technology, shells using Gordon Case significantly reduce the effect of recoil while firing a cartridge.



 The Baschieri & Pellagri Gordon shell is easy to spot thanks to its unique, shock-absorbing base wad. You can see it at the bottom of a shell casing, anchoring the end plug end where it serves as the primer seating.

Along with the metal end plug, it develops a stable structure that eases up the shock of the shooting and extraction phases. Additionally, and that’s what makes Gordon Shell different from any other paper or plastic base wads, the case with the Gordon technology also absorbs recoil.



In the essence recoil is an effect of the third laws of dynamics – every action creates opposite reaction.By pulling the trigger, shooter sparks the gunpowder ignition, which creates pressure and propels the bullet or pellets along the barrel as they exit the muzzle.

Unfortunately, that also creates an equal opposite pressure in the covering casing against the breach of the gun and the shooter’s shoulder or hand. The force generated by this energy is called technological recoil which creates the classic kick to the shoulder.

Technical recoil is affected mainly by two aspects:

The cartridges: The pellets’ weight and speed need to be considered. These two variables figure out the kinetic energy produced by the cartridge which will, for that reason, affect the shotgun recoil.

The weight of the shotgun: The weight of the shotgun opposes the energy created by the shot. The heavier the gun, the smaller its recoil will certainly be. That explains why target shotguns normally weigh more than hunting shotguns which usually need to be carried longer and also fired less.





Felt recoil describes how the shooter physically feels the energy that is released right into their hand or shoulder throughout the technical recoil of a weapon. Actual feeling is factored by a system combining elements comprised of the shooter, the shotgun, as well as the cartridges.

Due to specifications of the shotguns as well as cartridges, the energy of the technical recoil cannot be eliminated entirely. We do however can significantly reduce the impact on the shooter. That’s where the Gordon Shells come to play.





As soon as the shot is fired, the gunpowder inside the cartridge becomes a high-pressure gas. Due to the radial resistance of the steel barrel this gas could expand just axially, which means onward onto the pellets and backward into the shooter’s shoulder.

The wadding acts upon the power launched into the pellets. The force on the pellets is successfully reduced by the elastic quality of the wadding, which works as a shock absorber that collects the impact and disperses it over a longer time, hence reducing it down. The impact is also influenced by a bigger total surface (the whole section of the barrel), thus reducing the effect which has on the pellets. This way, the pellets are also less deformed.





With a traditional shell casing there is nothing to absorb the backward pressure of the gases, so the impact on the shoulder is in a full force.

When using the shock-absorbing Gordon shell casing along with an active base wad, the influence of the gases towards the shooter’s shoulder will diminish by the shock absorption of the Gordon covering as well as in part by the flexible material of the wadding. Those factors result in a much smaller felt recoil.






If you have ever fired cartridges with a Gordon covering, you probably familiar with the ultimate feeling of comfort and reduced shoulder impact even with large shot weights such as 28 grams in skeet shooting or 38-42 grams for hunting.

These Gordon case cartridges are specially made to reduce the recoil felt by the shooter and are unique in providing two distinctive absorbing systems in two various sections of the cartridge.

The unique attributes of Gordon casing benefit both aspects of firing the weapon: significantly reduced the perceived “kick” into the shooter’s shoulder and also, thanks to the wadding, there is much less strain on the pellets which prevents their deformation. The outcome is in a much more concise and consistent shot pattern as well as better penetration.

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