Competition One 12 ga.-1 1/8 oz.-9 shot-1230 FPS (250 rounds)

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A shell specifically designed for American clay pigeon shooting, with a high (32 g) load making it particularly effective in ballistic terms for difficult clays or angled launches at greater ranges.

It’s the most powerful shell in the Competition One line in terms of the load and velocity produced.

Unlike similar clay shooting shells from competitors though, the recoil is reduced and dampened by the Gordon System case.


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3 reviews for Competition One 12 ga.-1 1/8 oz.-9 shot-1230 FPS (250 rounds)

  1. valentyn nikolayev (verified owner)

  2. Neal (verified owner)

    real good price puts a lot of pellets on target,only fault is if you are on the fringe the small pellet can go through clay target without break. I have found clay’s with up to 3 pellets through with no break. To fix hit more center

  3. Brad (verified owner)

    Order received in two days Great shells

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