Competition One 12ga 7/8oz 7.5 shot 1160 FPS (250 rds)


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Competition One

Gauge: 12ga

Weight: 7/8oz.

Shot size: 7.5 shot

Speed: 1160 FPS

Pressure: 5804 PSI

Box/ Case: 25 rds/ 250 rds

The Competition One line is a favorite amongst all B&P shooters. The low recoil of the Competition One is great for youth, women, and recoil sensitive shooters. The noticeable low recoil is achieved by B&P’s patented Gordon Hull System, B&P Smokeless powder & B&P wads all working together to create the softest recoil while still delivering a hard hit to the clays!

Suitable for most SXS and O/U Firearms.

A Gray’s Best Award Winning Shell! Nominated by Gray’s Sporting Journal Publication. Click here to read about the Award!

Weight 21 lbs
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