F2 Mach 12ga.-1 oz.-7.5 shot-1300 FPS (250 Rounds)


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This line of premium performance shot shells will satisfy even the most demanding Trap and Skeet shooters. Integrating the innovative Gordon System recoil reduction together with specially designed B&P components, this line of products features a strong championship pedigree, including numerous Olympic and World Championship Gold Medals.
The F2 Mach turns clays to dust with its 5% antimony lead white shot. This specially hardened shot is slicker than other tempered shot, resulting in tighter patterns at farther distances. Offered in 7/8, 1 and 1 1/8 ounce versions, the F2 Mach shells are great for FITASC and Sporting Clays!
The combination of its top-notch F2 powder, extra-hard lead white shot, the high-performance T3 wad and the Gordon Hull System make it a winner every time.

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1300 FPS


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