F2 Mach 12ga.-7/8 oz.-8 shot-1365 FPS (250 Rounds)


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This is a version of the F2 Mach Professional Handicap shell with a lighter, 24-gram load.

It’s loaded with lead white pellets hardened with 5% antimony and utilizes  a special six-petal, pre-cut wad that patterns exceptionally well; it’s a highly effective load that  reaches the Trap target with a great deal of residual energy.

Despite the lighter load, its  high quality pellets and  higher velocity  translate into excellent clay-breaking power in all shooting  situations with significantly less recoil than when using heavier loads.

The Gordon case used on all the shells in this line greatly reduces  the  recoil felt by the shooter.

These shells are perfect for shooters looking for a high velocity shell without a lot of kick, one that’s easy on the shoulder and minimizes muzzle rise between your first and second shot.


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