Sporting Clay 12g 1 1/8oz 8 shot 1260 FPS (250 rds)


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Sporting Clay
Gauge: 12ga
Weight: 1 1/8oz.
Shot size: 8 shot
Speed: 1260 FPS
Pressure: 8271 PSI
Box/ Case: 25 rds/ 250 rds

The Sporting Clay load is offered in many different payloads and shot sizes. This 1260 FPS shell has been an original performer with a photo-degradable wad and tempered shot. The 1260 FPS sporting clay load is additionally offered in 1 1/8-oz. shot charges for handicap trap shooters, who can utilize 12% more pellets in their pattern.

They burn clean, hit hard, and yet they have less felt recoil due to the patented Gordon Hull System. Resulting in, less fatigue for a Sporting Clay shooters 2nd shot.

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