Sporting Clay HV 12ga.-1 1/8 oz.-8 lead white shot-1330 FPS (250 Rounds)


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The name HV and the 32-gram load make this shell the top of the F2 Sporting Clays range in terms of ballistic performance.

The impact of the special 5% antimony lead white hardened pellets travelling at high velocity transfers a great amount of energy to the target, giving these shells notable clay-breaking power even on the toughest clays.

The plastic shot cup/wad guarantees a particularly dense shot pattern, producing excellent results for all the principal launch patterns in this specialty. In particular the . number 7 pellets give you greater range to hit every single clay hard.

There is of course more kick than the other version due to its higher ballistic performance but, unlike other shells with similar ballistics, the Gordon case with its special dampening action notably reduces the amount of recoil transferred to the shooter’s shoulder, a difference you can feel!


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