Sporting Clay HV 12ga.-1 oz.-8 lead white shot-1330 FPS (250 Rounds)


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The most powerful 28-gram shell. For shooters who want a high velocity shell with all the relevant advantages for Sporting Clays.

The available shot  sizes make this shell a very versatile and effective option in both your first and second barrel for the majority of Sporting Clay targets at a variety of ranges.

The No. 7 pellet available for both HV versions makes this shell ideal for long-range shots, limiting most of the delay that can be experienced with smaller shot.

The shells are loaded with the famous F2 powder, which is  very stable and unaffected by changes in the weather. The pellets are made of special 5% antimony hardened lead white.. This solution is necessary to make the pellets harder and to make them more slippery so they keep more of their energy at the high velocity reached.

The plastic shot cup combined with the objective higher quality of the pellets produces an optimal, homogeneous shot pattern that hits the clay hard.

Despite the high performance of the HV 28-gram version, the amount of recoil felt by the shooter is decidedly less than competitors’ shells  with similar characteristics thanks to the special Gordon case.


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