Upland Game 12 ga.-2 3/4″-1 1/4 oz.-6 shot-1400 FPS (250 rounds)

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Medium load cartridge, suitable for a very wide range of game.

High velocity and tight patterns are the best values of this powerful and fast cartridge, suitable for hunting in general all prized medium-weight game. The very high velocity, gave powerful impact on the game and minimize the require of advance aiming the target.

Lead pellets nr. 6 will be perfect for rabbit and grouse.

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4 reviews for Upland Game 12 ga.-2 3/4″-1 1/4 oz.-6 shot-1400 FPS (250 rounds)

  1. WILLIAM (verified owner)

    B&P nickel plated shot has been my “go to” load for Ruffed Grouse for a couple decades. Usually 7s in the first barrel and 6s in the second. Late season, 6s in both. I haven’t done much paper punching to confirm, but them seem to have a good pattern and definitely knock the birds down. Don’t every recall a misfire.

  2. Luther C. (verified owner)

    This is simply outstanding ammunition for pheasant hunting. The recoil is far less than one would expect from a round with this much range and power, and the high-quality plated shot get the job done at any range. 60 and 70 yard shots, while rare, appear to be easy with these great rounds.

    They pattern very well, are clean and the plated shot penetrates exceptionally well – so well that we rarely encounter any pellets when consuming the birds.

  3. robert petersen (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping!

  4. ROGER FARAH (verified owner)

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