Upland Game 20g. 1oz # 6 shot 1350 FPS

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Upland Game 20g.

Gauge: 20ga

Length: 2 3/4 inch

Weight: 1 oz.

Shot size: 6 shot

Speed: 1350 FPS

Box/ Case: 25 rds/ 250 rds

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4 reviews for Upland Game 20g. 1oz # 6 shot 1350 FPS

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I noticed many grains of powder lost between the wad and case on my last two flats of ammunition. Doesn’t seem typical for high quality loads.

    • Aerostaroutdoors.com (store manager)

      Dear Sir,

      B&P produces double base powders with a unique process named lamination, different from extrusion one. These powders deliver more consistent ballistic results in any weather weather condition.
      What you noticed, it is something that happens, but doesn’t affect the quality and the ballistic performance of the cartridge.
      B&P powders are made by very thin flakes (about 0.12 mm./.005”), instead of grains.
      Due to this shape, sometimes could happen that few flakes escape and pass between the couvette base of the plastic wad and the hull’s tube. These flakes, are very few in relation to the entire loads of powder and their loss does not involve minimal variations on the pressure and speed of the cartridge. B&P makes continuous laboratory test to verify the consistency of the results.

  2. Roger (verified owner)

  3. BEN (verified owner)

    Breaks Bones

  4. Luther C. (verified owner)

    These are incredible rounds, giving the 20 gauge a real boost – plated shot is the key to cleanly taking big birds – it generally achieves full penetration, and the plated shot does not draw feathers into the wound channel.

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