Shooting Sporting Clays With Gebben Miles

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Gebben Miles is a legend between professional sporting clays shooters. Gebben has more than 50 titles under his belt including three PSCA Championships. He is also a big fan and heavy user of Baschieri&Pellagri products. Watch the video and bring your clays shooting to the next level. Enjoy!

16min 12 sec ***************************************** 

0:25 || Intro
0:40 || Tip#1: Proper shooting stance
1:44 || Tip#2: How to look at the targets clearly
2:46 || Tip#3: Match the speed of the target with the speed of your gun
4:12 || Key differences between sustained lead and swing through
7:24 || What are the best shells for sporting clays
8:30 || The pros of the Baschieri&Pellagri shells
9:45 || What are the most difficult clays
12:12 || Most common mistakes for sporting clays shooters

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