Which B&P shells are best to use for Sporting Clays



Sporting Clays is a thrilling sport because you’re taking shots at clays launched in a vast range of different patterns, some of which you might be expecting while others appear out of nowhere.

This means that in order to become a good Sporting Clays shooter you have to get to know your gun well, and above all train in the best possible way to dust clays launched in a wide variety of patterns.

This makes it particularly important and essential to choose the most suitable shells for the launch patterns and ranges in Sporting Clays.

That’s why suggest you to download this guide; to explain and show you which are the best Baschieri & Pellagri competition shells to keep in your shooters’ gilet for different launch patterns.

The Hunting Spot guide will explain you why all shooters find Baschieri & Pellagri shells the softest for their shoulder, with the same ballistic performance as other shells.

Thanks to this guide you will be able to choose the best B&P shells considering:

  • The range you’re shooting the clays at.
  • Shells for your first and second barrel.
  • Shot sizes.
  • Components of each single shell.

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